• VorTech-Controller
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With our VorTech-Controller, ProfiLux controllers of series 3 are able to operate up to 11 radio-controlled VorTech stream pumps from EcoTech Marine independently from each other.

The VorTech-Controller will be connected over a PAB-cable (ProfiLux Aquatic Bus, ProfiLux 3 series only) and doesn’t need any additional power supply. The programming is comfortably possible via the software ProfiluxControl or GHL Control Center.

The Controller supports all VorTech operating modes as well as modes of the EcoSMART-pumps (Tidal swell, Nutrient Transport). Besides the VorTech modes also all built-in stream programs of of ProfiLux 3 can be used.

4 LEDs show the state of the pumps and of PAB.

Artikelnummer: PL-0757

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